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Looking for the best online video slot machines can be a tough task, and that is why Buddy Slot does all the hard work for you. We search the net looking for only the very best in online slot machines and present them to you. They all have the best games, bonuses and themes that you can ask for, so get looking now!

Slot machines come in all shapes and sizes, but it is the themes that really make slot games enjoyable for the player, providing familiar surroundings for the player to play slots in, and making the game visually stunning all at the same time. While there are thousands of different themes to play with, we here at Buddy Slot have picked some of our favourites and the most common ones found on online casinos.

Ancient Rome: With gods, gladiators and a roman army to pick between, there is an abundance of ancient roman games to play on the net, and can almost make you feel like you are in the historical city itself

Animals: You may find yourself deep in the middle of the jungle, cast out at sea or in the Antarctic, you’ll be sure to find some animals along the way as you play on these slots. Packed with great looking animals and a fantastic realism to where you are, all animal lovers will find their place on these slot games

Films: Step into the world of Hollywood as you will find yourself thrown into the middle of the action as you find can hop from between classic films, especially those in the comic book genre, as you look to save the world from impending danger, and winning some money along the way!

Sports: Football, Golf, Pool and many more, there is no end of sporty action on when it comes to playing on the slot machines. Fans of most sports will be able to find a game themed around their sport of choice, and will have great fun in winning money, almost to the same amount that the sports stars earn too!

There really is no end to how you play on the video slot machines, with so many themes to pick from, you will enjoy the slot game experience no end. Online video slots are great to play in your spare time, enjoying the different themes that are offered to you will see the time fly by. Having a good strategy too will help see you find even more success. By playing the most money on each spin, it gives the players more lines in which to win money on, but also increases the chance of a higher return, as the winnings are relevant to the stake placed, so, higher the stake, higher the win!

Buddy Slot really hopes you find the best game to fill your needs when playing online, and we can be sure that there is a perfect theme out there for you to enjoy your time playing online slots.

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